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Top 20 Best Toy Brands Really Made in the USA - Largest American Toy Companies

A three year old child hold a red part of the Luke's Toy Factory toy firetruck

This list originally appeared on on May 25, 2023. 

Finding a list of toy brands that are manufactured in the United States can be challenging. KnowInsiders compiles its own list using its own criteria, the most important of which is that the items on the list actually be made in the United States of America, and that they be famous and widely used.

Young children benefit greatly from playing with toys, both mentally and physically. They help toddlers' bones and muscles grow strong and healthy while also inspiring their creativity and expanding their minds. As well as providing hours of fun, toys can teach kids important social and emotional skills.

Where Can I Find American-Made Toys?

Local, family-owned American businesses started from the ground up by true blue blooded Americans can be found in every small town across the United States.

American toy manufacturers are on par with those who produce apparel and household goods. From product development to distribution, they prioritize the safety and comfort of your children. They invest in the community by giving to non-profits and employing locals. Let's buy from them and show our support!

Parents and teachers who care deeply about their children's well-being are driving up demand for toys made in the United States. Toys made in the United States are a great option for parents who want to give their kids the best because of the high quality of their construction, longevity, and safety features. Toys made in the United States are better for kids' health and safety, as well as the local economy and the environment because they don't have to be shipped from far away.

In addition to the obvious advantages of safety and quality, buying American-made toys can instill in kids a sense of national pride and patriotism as they learn the value of investing in the nation's economy. There is a wide range of high-quality, American-made options for parents shopping for their kids, including everything from educational toys and outdoor play equipment to toddler toys and traditional board games.

Toys from Fisher-Price and other companies were made domestically for many years. However, many businesses now conduct most of their operations in China. Toys made in the USA are still on the market, and new toy companies are springing up as a result of the current vogue for eco-friendliness and regional economic development.

In general, consumers have more faith in a product's safety and the treatment of workers when it is made in the United States.

Top 20 Best & Popular Toy Brands Really Made in the USA Today

American Made Toys

1. Luke’s Toy Factory

A Connecticut-based toy manufacturer that is relatively new. The company is centered on developing preschool toys that are safe, enduring, educational and FUN while also being environmentally sustainable.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is the material used to make Luke's Toy trucks. To make their toys, they upcycle organic materials from other American manufacturers, such as sawdust, flax, rice hulls, and coconut shells.

The materials for Luke's American made toys are sourced locally and produced in the United States. All of their suppliers are American too. What a cool thing! It's a really awesome concept!

The toy company's toy designer, Luke Barber has designed the toy trucks as 3D stacking puzzles. The sustainable educational preschool toys are designed specifically for preschoolers aged three and up. The play vehicles are made to be disassembled and even mixed and matched. Children adore playing with dump trucks, and Luke's raises the bar for the toy truck category with its interchangeable parts and vibrant colors. The toy trucks and their parts are designed for little hands and have a little bit of wiggle room so that preschool aged kids are not frustrated. 

The Educational Four Pack and Educational Recycling Truck are two educational toys that come with flashcards for teaching recycling and sustainability in the classroom.

Luke's Toy Factory is a top choice for parents looking for high-quality, sustainable, safe toy construction vehicles that encourage the development of fine motor skills, problem solving, and creative play. Their mission is to make the highest quality toys with sustainable materials, right here in the United States. Reviews on the Luke's Toy Factory website show that the company earns high praise from customers who appreciate the durability, high quality, and exceptional play value that the toys provide for their children. 

2. Maple Landmark

Look no further than Maple Landmark if you want long-lasting, high-quality toys made in America.

Vermont is where these wooden toys are made. That makes us feel good and is fairly wholesome. They understand it completely. In addition to developing products that are secure, long-lasting, and of high quality, they place a strong emphasis on enhancing their neighborhood through stable employment and assistance to neighboring businesses.

This Vermont-based business has been producing exquisite wooden toys for children of all ages since 1979. The wide selection of preschool and toddler toys available from Maple Landmark are ideal for playtime. These toys range from traditional infant-toddler toys to block sets, vehicles, puzzles, games, and their famous wooden train set line.

These distinguished toys, which have won awards, are made of tough, long-lasting maple wood and can be handed down from one generation to the next. They are not only stunning in person, but you can feel the difference in quality the moment you hold one of their toys in your hands. As a mother, we heartily endorse Maple Landmark as my top pick for toys made in America.

Maple Landmark is the brand of wooden toys that is the most well-known. On their website, however, you can also find high-quality household items and decor.

Along with many other things, there are games and kits, wooden name puzzles, automobiles and trucks, the Montgomery Schoolhouse, ABC blocks, educational and even hobby horses.

3. Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose is a Grand Rapids-based business that specializes in handcrafted wooden toys and décor that is entirely American-made from components sourced from the Great Lakes region.

The traditional woodblock with letters and numbers is called an Uncle Goose block. Numerous other options are available, in addition to the adorable little wagon and the canvas bag. Additionally, they produce and market round planets on rollers, wooden block animals for pretend play, and much more.

Their playthings, which include well-known ABC blocks in various languages, are entertaining and educative and aid in children's problem-solving and language development. Uncle Goose is dedicated to sustainability; all of their products are made with non-toxic materials, and they use effective manufacturing techniques to reduce waste. Their blocks are made to last for many years, making them a smart purchase for families looking for high-quality, eco-friendly toys.

Fun fact: In the 1980s, the kind people at Uncle Goose learned that those were no longer produced in the United States. As a result, they established their own block-making business, and now we are.

Shop at Uncle Goose for wooden blocks and accessories created and produced in America, specifically Michigan. They use renewable energy sources and are a sustainable business. They grow the basswood for their products here in Michigan. Even packaging is produced using recycled paper.

4. Carrom

(Wooden Tabletop Games and Balance Board)
For 130 years, The Carrom Company has produced high-quality games in the United States, more specifically in Ludington, Michigan. They did, however, only reside in Sardis, Mississippi, for a very short time.

A traditional board game is carrom. It resembles playing pool with your fingers in some ways. Classic board games, table hockey, and foosball tables have been added to their line of board games since the original Carrom. Wooden balance boards with a roller that sinks into a track attached to the board for a side-to-side motion are appropriate for older children.

Their games are made to last for many generations and offer countless hours of family entertainment. Carrom's selection of games is unmatched in quality and variety, ranging from traditional favorites like Carrom and Checkers to more contemporary favorites like Nok Hockey and Bowl-A-Mania.

You can be sure that each game is meticulously made thanks to their dedication to American-made goods. You should therefore look no further than Carrom's selection of American-made games if you're looking for a way to get your family together for some good ol' fashioned fun.

The Carrom Company's belief in giving back and supporting children's charities and educational institutions is an added benefit.

5. Green Toys

Intended for creative play, produced entirely in the United States. In addition to being entirely designed and produced in the USA, Green Toys is an eco-friendly business that creates toys using recyclable materials.

100% recycled plastic, primarily from milk jugs, is used to make toys. 100% recyclable packaging is one more measure taken to lessen the carbon footprint of all products. Therefore, after receiving the toys, you can recycle the packaging as well.Even the boxes' print was created using soy ink.

Green Toys do not contain dangerous chemicals like BPA, PVC, or phthalates because they do not have any external coatings, paints, or dyes. They also use soy-based inks and recycled and recyclable materials for their product packaging. Green Toys is dedicated to sustainability at every stage of its production process by maintaining a close local supply chain that reduces transportation emissions and boosts the domestic economy.

The tea set and tool set from Green Toys are excellent for encouraging imaginative play and creative role-play.

6. Land of Dough

Children enjoy playing with Land of Dough play dough, which is also environmentally and socially responsible.

In order to provide a delicate, calming scent while playing, Land of Dough uses organic essential oils that are made from natural and sustainable ingredients and colors.

Additionally, all of their products are packaged with eco-friendly materials to ensure little environmental impact. But Land of Dough is dedicated to making a positive contribution to society as well.

Their play dough is made by hand in Main Street, USA, with the assistance of exceptional people who have disabilities. Land of Dough demonstrates that it is possible to make a fun and socially responsible product by offering worthwhile employment opportunities and assisting their local community.

In Pennsylvania, playdough is hand-made from natural ingredients, organic essential oils, natural colors, and eco-friendly glitter and packaging. toys that you can proudly purchase for your children.

Play dough inspires creativity and imagination. Luxe Dough Cups from Land of Dough have multi-layered designs for fantastic playtimes.

Following on our list of toy companies selling made-in-the-USA goods is Crazy Aaron's, the parent company of The Land of Dough.

7. Crazy Aaron’s Putty

Crazy Aaron's has been making genuine Thinking Putty for over 20 years, bringing joy and wonder to both children and adults. Pennsylvania is where Thinking Putty is made. They are the innovative parent company of Land of Dough, and both are produced in the same Pennsylvania factory.

Crazy Aaron's secret formulas transform unique natural phenomena into well-designed, fun products that are cool and collectible, and these highly crafted works of art are made right here in the United States. Each putty creation is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, meticulously crafted to provide hours of entertainment and limitless opportunities for imaginative play.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is an excellent choice for relieving stress or having fun. So why settle for ordinary Putty when you can experience Crazy Aaron's creations' magic?

They sell sets, games, and accessories such as the football field goal, which is pretty cool. That's on my husband's desk at work. These are excellent stocking stuffer suggestions.

It's worth noting that this company makes a point of hiring people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

8. K’nex Brand

(Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and K’nex construction)
Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, and K'nex construction sets are just a few of the construction toys available under the K'nex brand. These toys entertain kids while encouraging important abilities like creativity, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving. Other American toys with a commitment to sustainability and safety standards include Lincoln Logs and K'nex.

John Lloyd Wright created Lincoln Logs in 1916, and four generations of builders have come to adore this iconic toy. They offer hours of entertainment while laying a strong foundation in STEAM / STEM disciplines. The toy's wooden parts and pieces are ethically produced in America, with 70% of the wood coming from FSC-certified or other forestry-managed forests. In order to ensure that kids have a successful, trouble-free building experience, Lincoln Logs are put through the strictest quality and safety testing.

Children can learn important skills like problem-solving and spatial reasoning using Lincoln Logs, a toy and educational tool. Lincoln Logs provides parents with a secure and sustainable option for their child's playtime while promoting the American economy thanks to their dedication to responsible manufacturing and testing.

9. KEVA Maple Planks

A high-quality toy produced in the United States, KEVA Planks are made entirely of natural Maine maple wood. These planks are expertly packaged in Virginia and made in the USA.

A rigid, warp-free plank with edges and corners that won't round over time is produced by using fine Maine maple, ensuring long-term stackability. Quality and sustainability are given top priority in KEVA Planks' production process as a family-run, veteran-owned, and female-owned business.

10. Dream Up Toys

The Dream Toy Wooden Railway Block Platforms are top STEM toys that promote free-form, imaginative play. They are more than just toys.

These block platforms enable kids to quickly construct sturdy, multi-level track layouts and explore their imaginations by fusing wooden train tracks with traditional building blocks like LEGO DUPLO.

Dream Toy Wooden Railway Block Platforms are unmatched in their versatility because they work with the majority of brands of wooden railroad tracks, making them the ideal addition to any train set. The best part is that they are made in Connecticut, USA.

So don't look any further than Dream Toy Wooden Railway Block Platforms if you're looking for a playful and educational toy that will keep kids occupied for hours.

11. Crayola Crayons and Markers

For many generations, Americans have relied on the quality of Crayola Crayons and Markers.

These coloring supplies, which are American-made, are adored by both children and adults for their vibrant colors and top-notch performance. Crayola Crayons and Markers offer countless creative options, whether you're producing a work of art or simply doodling.

And because they have a long history of producing quality work, you can rely on them to consistently produce the desired outcomes. So don't look any further than Crayola Crayons and Markers if you're looking for a tried-and-true coloring tool made with care right here in America.

12. Bunny Hopkins Toys

A company that takes pride in producing sturdy and high-quality toys for kids is called Bunny Hopkins Toys.

They use sustainable and natural wood to create their products, making them safe for daily use by kids. The wooden balancing board for toddlers, which is made by skilled artisans in Atlanta, Georgia using American Maple Wood, is a prime example of their dedication to quality.

This toy will capture your child's imagination and provide hours of entertainment thanks to its meticulous attention to detail and attractive water-based wood stain. Bunny Hopkins Toys are a great option for parents who want the best for their kids because they represent the best in American craftsmanship and quality.

13. Vermont Teddy Bear

Since 1981, the family-run Vermont Teddy Bear Company has been producing handmade teddy bears. The firm, which is based in Shelburne, Vermont, only uses the best materials to make soft and cuddly bears. Each bear is meticulously made, giving them each their own personality and backstory, making them truly unique presents for all occasions.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company stands out from competing manufacturers thanks to its dedication to quality and customization. Customers can select the ideal bear for their needs from a variety of sizes and styles, and they can even customize it with clothes, accessories, and messages. A variety of themed bears are also available from the company for birthdays and other special occasions as well as holidays like Valentine's Day.

In addition to producing superior teddy bears, The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is dedicated to supporting its neighborhood. They collaborate with neighborhood nonprofits and charities to provide bears for events and fundraisers and to support initiatives that help underprivileged children. Another reason The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has endured the test of time is its commitment to social responsibility.

14. Bears for Humanity

A socially conscious business called Bears for Humanity takes a novel approach to making eco-friendly plush toys. All of their goods are made by American women who are paid a fair wage. This strategy not only helps local economies, but also encourages gender equality and gives job opportunities to those who might otherwise struggle to find employment.

The business creates its adorable teddy bears in a variety of colors and sizes using organic cotton and other environmentally friendly materials. They are dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact and ship their goods in biodegradable bags in addition to using recycled materials for packaging. Additionally, Bears for Humanity makes certain that every one of its products adheres to high safety standards so that parents can feel comfortable giving them to their children.

Along with selling stuffed animals online, Bears for Humanity also gives a bear away to a kid in need for every purchase. Children who are experiencing difficult circumstances, such as illness or homelessness, can benefit from this program by finding joy and solace. Customers can feel good about their purchase knowing that they are helping others while also receiving a high-quality, environmentally friendly, and kid-safe product by patronizing this socially conscious business.

15. Wildflower Toys


Northern California is home to the small family business Wildflower Toys. The owner designs and makes each item, including the dolls.

A wide variety of adorable Fairy dolls, dollhouse dolls and castle play, craft sewing kits for kids, and wooden toys like their Math Gnome Peg dolls and Wildflower Peg dolls are among the toys available. Shadow puppets and felted craft objects.

The majority of holidays are covered by their doll themes, which also include historical figures, elf dolls, and storybook characters. Even more lovely dolls that raise awareness of childhood cancer are available. The childhood cancer awareness fairy dolls raise money that is donated in part to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Additionally, there is a very appealing line of copywork, homeschool workbooks, and gratitude journals.

16. BLUTrack

A company called Blu Track creates one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge toys for kids of all ages. The toy itself is made from top-notch, non-toxic materials and is made to last for a very long time. Blu Track stands out from other toys on the market due to its sustainability. Blu Track is made to be reused repeatedly, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to many other toys in landfills.

Additionally, it is a better choice for families with little storage space because it is simple to disassemble and store away when not in use. This makes it smaller than traditional toys. Blu Track's distinctive design and dedication to sustainability have helped it become more well-known in recent years. All of their tracks are made in Anamosa, Iowa.

Blu Track promotes creativity, risk-taking, and interactive play. Blu Track offers all the necessary components for racing, unlike other pre-designed race car tracks. However, it gives kids and parents the freedom to create their own races, encouraging imagination and analytical thinking. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the toy is also simple to disassemble and store when not in use. Blu Track has grown in popularity because it is entertaining and instructive, making it a great choice for families and educators.

Yes, BluTracks work with Hot Wheels vehicles. Any 1/64th scale car, which is the standard size for Hot Wheels cars, can run on the Classic Series track. After testing a variety of toy cars on its tracks, BluTrack discovered that its own Blu Track Racers and Hot Wheels vehicles perform the best. Therefore, if you own a collection of Hot Wheels vehicles, they ought to run without a hitch on a BluTrack Classic Series track.

For parents looking for a wider race car track to fit bigger cars like Hot Wheels and Disney/Pixar Cars, Blu Track Classic Series is a great choice. Additionally, because there are no small parts, it is safer and easier for young children to assemble and play with. Even the youngest racers can have fun and entertainment with the Classic Series because it is appropriate for kids as young as three.

17. Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix must be loved by everyone! Made entirely from raw materials produced in the USA in Phoenix, Arizona.

A fun and vibrant fidget toy called Wikki Stix is made of hand-knitted yarn and enhanced with a microcrystalline, non-toxic, food-grade wax similar to the kind found in bubble gum and lipstick.They may have been used in restaurants as a crayon substitute for children.

Beginning around 1989, Wikki Stix has created a vast array of toys and goods based on the original Wikki Stix over the years. I can't possibly list them all here, but some of the categories you should browse include bilingual, educational, kits and sets, books, games, holiday, and travel.Even products for people with special needs come with tips for non-verbal people and people who are blind.

18. Lincoln Logs

John Lloyd Wright, the son of renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, created Lincoln Logs. They were the first toys to be sold to both boys and girls, debuting on the market in 1918. Abe Lincoln, a former president who formerly resided in a log cabin, inspired the namesake of these construction set toys. A log cabin was one of the original Lincoln Log sets.

China became the new location for manufacturing over time. But in 2014, 80 percent of the production was brought back to the USA. Lincoln Logs are now produced in Maine at Pride Manufacturing, which is owned by Basic Fun.

19. Friendly Loom Potholder Kits (Harrisville Designs)

For more than 50 years, Harrisville Designs has operated in the United States. Theirs is a fantastic tale of creating jobs in a community where a textile mill had closed. In Harrisville, New Hampshire, it was reopened with the assistance of a father and son who had a vision for the area and their textile industry. Metal looms, cotton loops for weaving potholders, knitting, felting, and weaving are all part of the Friendly Loom TM Product line.

20. Roy Toy

Log building sets that can be configured in an infinite number of ways. Roy Toys are made in Maine from sustainably harvested pine that has been dyed and sanded to a smooth finish.

The Roy Toy company was founded in the 1930s and was resurrected in the 1990s by a grandson with a vision.


KnowInsiders hope you enjoyed our list of the best toy brands made in the United States.

We understand that buying all of your toys made in America is unrealistic. However, every little bit helps the economy and local businesses. It's like the old adage, "it's more effective for a large number of people to change a little than for a small number of people to change a lot!" There would be change if the majority of us chose to buy a few USA-made toys over those made elsewhere this holiday season.

We hope that parents will keep these factors in mind when shopping for their children. By purchasing American-made toys, parents can help local businesses and promote job growth in their communities.

They can benefit their community and the environment while also providing high-quality and safe toys to their children.

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