Creative & Educational Play Value.

"My class was so excited about the toy trucks that we had to create a sign up sheet to make sure everyone got a turn to play with them." - Megan L. Preschool Teacher, NYC

Think of a 3D puzzle that becomes a truck when assembled. Designed for small hands, the preschool learning toys are made with a little bit of wiggle room so that kids with developing motor skills are not frustrated.

As preschool educators know, the pre-k years are a critical period of early childhood development when kids are just learning problem solving, spatial orientation, fine motor, and creative play skills. These trucks provide an excellent, tactile way to help preschool aged kids learn and grow!

Our award-winning educational toys are designed for kids aged three and up - just at the point where kids are outgrowing "baby" toys but aren't quite ready for the precision required for more complicated building toys. And parts from one truck can be mixed and matched with parts from the other trucks!

2019 Recipient of Learning Magazine's prestigious 'Teacher's Choice' Award for Best Pre-school Toys.

Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Awards is one of the most recognized and prestigious award programs in the educational industry and the only one that is exclusively judged by teachers in their classrooms. Educational products for schools are evaluated by teachers for teachers on quality, instructional value, ease of use, and innovation.

The Educational Four Pack and Educational Recycling truck come with flashcards which teachers can use to help teach kids about each truck, and about concepts like sustainability and recycling. Interested in placing a bulk order for your preschool, daycare center, school district, or preschool occupational therapy practice?

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