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Five-Pack: Luke's Big Box of Toy Trucks

Five-Pack: Luke's Big Box of Toy Trucks

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Preschools and grandparents know best. More toy trucks equals more fun and better learning! Luke's Big Box of Trucks is a special collection of 5 trucks. You get the Recycling Truck, Fire Truck, Stake Truck, Tipper Truck and the Cargo Truck ( with all those little boxes :)

Each truck toy comes with a flash card with info about the trucks.

These educational preschool toy trucks promote fine motor skills, problem solving and social play. The parts can be mixed and matched in countless ways to encourage creativity. They are made with 30% reclaimed maple sawdust from furniture manufacturers. They are washable and paint-free. There are no small parts, no BPA and no Phthalates. Everything is safety tested for USA and EU standards.

Best of all, Everything is Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Wish I would have found these sooner!

i found these trucks after visiting a play center called " Rock rhe Spectrum" ... my kids plays. with alot of toys there and these trucks stood out... I wrote down the name and ordered a set for my 3 year old. My 3 year old is fairly advanced. he's realt into his crane truck and cement mixer... and paw patrol. but these trucks are really cool as they make your kid think becuuse they have to put it together!

it was a bonus that they where made in the USA and look to be made from safe recycled material as well as a small company!!!

I love supporting small business, as I am one myself!

Thanks Luke!

Donald Dagen

These are the perfect combination of puzzle for preschoolers- the pieces fit easily to mix and match, but clearly fit together when the puzzle is completed to the card picture.

Better than expected

Wasn’t really sure about this, but bought it for my grandson. After seeing the way they were made I wish they had more toys like this.


Great toy!

Philip M.
Hours of fun!

I got these for my nephew for his birthday and he absolutely loves them. They are great quality and the perfect gift.