Sustaina Blog covers Luke's Toy Factory's KickStarter Campaign

New Eco Toys Brand Aims for Less Plastic, More Durability & Made in the US

Take a look at what Jeff McIntire-Strasburg from Sustainablog had to say about us during our KickStarter Campaign: 

As a new grandfather, I’ve once again become interested in toys (though – really – I haven’t gone overboard yet!) And, of course, I want to get the little guy things to play with that have as small an environmental impact as possible. But an even bigger concern: I want to make sure that the toys we buy are safe. And while it’s a challenge these days, I know that any “eco toys” I get for him made in China may not be worthy of the label: we’re not perfect here, but I’d much rather see “Made in the USA” on the label, as I know the standards for health and safety are much more stringent.

So I was thrilled to receive an email from Jim Barber, one of the co-founders of Luke’s Toy Factory in Danbury, Connecticut. A family-run operation,..

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