Fatherly: The Best Gifts for 3-Year Olds

Fatherly: The Best Gifts for 3-Year Olds

When your kid gets to a certain age, you find yourself going to a lot of parties at indoor gyms that resemble a prison yard for preschoolers. And after the requisite pizza and cupcakes, it’s time for the gifts! Unfortunately, most 3-year-olds don’t subtly drop hints to their classmates about what they want to for their birthday. Fortunately, this gifts for three-year-olds guide has all the stuff (most under $40) that will win the afternoon. You can keep the Thank You note...

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Luke's Toy Factory Dump Truck

It’s a puzzle and a toy car. Choose from a dump truck (it really dumps), a tipper truck (it really tips), a firetruck (it doesn’t really fight fires) and more. The cars can be disassembled into separate pieces and put together like a 3-D puzzle.

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