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Tough Crowd...

Tough Crowd...

A quick story to share:

Luke and I have been exhibiting at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) for a few years now. A teacher came by the booth to buy two more 4-packs for her classes. She told us that they usually swap out current toys for new ones every month or so and then rotate them back again the next month, so the kids don't get bored. When they put away our trucks, all the kids wanted to know where they went. There was a mini rebellion and now our trucks stay out all year. Kids can be a tough crowd!

Teaching a class of Pre-Schoolers is hard work, and we salute those teaching professionals who work incredibly hard every day to help our kids learn and grow. We are honored to have our trucks chosen as Best Pre-School Toy by the prestigious Teacher's Choice Awards for 2019. 

Thanks to everyone for helping us with our newest Kickstarter project to manufacture toys from upcycled organic materials - for supporting our ongoing mission to make sustainable, educational toys for kids right here in the USA.

- Jim and Luke Barber

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